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Three Ways to Improve Recycling in Your Restaurant

restaurant recycling webWhile almost unheard of forty years ago, recycling has quickly become the norm. According to the EPA, around 70% of Americans regularly recycle. The same goes for restaurants. Today, around 65% of restaurants regularly recycle, and recycling is quickly becoming a factor for consumers. In fact, 60% of customers say that they would prefer to eat at a restaurant that recycles, while 51% would even consent to a 10% mark-up in prices to ensure that the restaurant employs sustainable practices. 

Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has provided the following tips for restaurant recycling: 

  • Reduce food waste: Wasted food costs your restaurant money while also proving detrimental to the environment and the local community. There are several ways you can reduce food waste in your restaurant:
    • More efficient use of product: Don’t buy more than you can use, and find creative ways to use up products that are selling slowly.
    • Donate excess product: If a product is not selling at your restaurant, consider donating the excess to a shelter or soup kitchen in your local area.
    • Compost: Around 13% of all restaurants participate in composting programs. You can learn more about composting and reducing food waste by visiting The Food Waste Reduction Alliance:
    • Provide recycling options to your customers: If you operate a restaurant in which customers dispose of their own garbage, provide labeled recycling receptacles instead of a single trash bin. According to a survey by the National Restaurant Association, 85% of customers are willing to self-sort recyclables if given the opportunity.
    • Use recyclable packaging: Instead of choosing a less recyclable product like Styrofoam or plastic, use paper or cardboard packaging. 

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