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Off-premises power failure

frustration sign TMIBAs the owner of a successful Southern California restaurant or bar, you know that losing even a day or two of business can seriously cost you, not to mention hurt your reputation in the community.

While on-site power failures are covered by most commercial property insurance, off-premises utility problems are not typically covered by standard policies.

In order to protect yourself from lost business due to a utility failure off-site, you should consider purchasing off-premises power failure coverage.

Below is a list of scenarios that this coverage can, depending on the policy you purchase, protect you against:

• A broken water main that cuts off running water to your neighborhood.

• Downed telephone lines or cell tower that impacts reservations and receipt of delivery orders.

• A gas pipe breaks, making your stoves and ovens unusable.

• A transformer explodes, causing your building to lose power.

To learn more about off-premises power failure coverage, speak to your knowledgeable broker at Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers. We can be reached at 310-828-9662.