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NEW TMIB Restaurant and Bar Website

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Welcome to the NEW Restaurant and Bar website and Blog from Tegner-Miller Inurance Brokers

We hope our current and future restaurant and bar owner customers will find our website, interesting, informative and a valuable resource.

Having access to many insurance companies enables us to put together the appropriate insurance package for your restaurant or bar. TMIB offers many types of insurance including EPLI, liquor liability and workers compensation, to name a few.

Our blog will contain timely information about various types of insurance coverages that are important to restaurant and bar owners as well as reminders and tips as they relate to restaurant and bar insurance and risk management. One of our top goals is to help our customers prevent a claim from ever happening. But if one does, we want to make sure our customer is prepared and be there to assist them.

Don’t forget to visit our Michael’s Road Trips page where we will post “reviews” and fun, interesting information about our current restaurant and bar customers.

Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has been in Santa Monica for over 110 years helping Southern Californians with their insurance. In these days of call centers and outsourcing, TMIB prides itself on being your neighborhood insurance agent. We even make house calls!