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National Hot and Spicy Food Day is January 16th

red & green hot peppers webGet your milk and ice cubes ready, because January 16 is National Hot and Spicy Foods Day! To celebrate, you definitely want to sample some of the delicious spicy food Los Angeles has to offer. Why not try some new spicy foods? Below, Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has recommended a few spicy food options that you might not have tried before. 

  1. Wat: The spicy meat stew can be found at most Ethiopian restaurants across Los Angeles. Eaten with the spongy, sour flat bread injera, wat can be extremely spicy, and extremely delicious.
  2. Jerk Chicken: This Jamaican classic consists of a chicken breast or thigh marinated in an extremely spicy mixture that includes the fiery Scotch Bonnet pepper. Give this tasty dish a try at any number of Jamaican or Caribbean restaurants.
  3. Spicy Chocolate: For dessert on Spicy Food Day, why not try spicy chocolate! While this idea might seem gimmicky, it actually predates our current chocolate recipes. The early Mesoamerican chocolate eaters would mix cocoa powder with various spices to give it flavor, including chili peppers. You can try spicy chocolate and spicy hot cocoa at a number of chocolatiers in Los Angeles.

 This is just a sample of the many hot dishes you can try on January 16. What is your favorite spicy food?  Let us know by emailing us at

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