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National French Fry Day – July 13th

french fry gormetFrench fries have been a treasured part of the American cuisine since 1802, when they first appeared in Thomas Jefferson’s White House as “potatoes served in the French manner.” While fries have become a quintessential part of American fast food, they are served all over the world, often in forms never seen in the US. Check out some of the world’s most iconic French fry dishes, compiled by Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers.

• Canada- Poutine: Poutine is probably the most famous French fry concoction on this list. This French-Canadian dish mixes fries with fresh cheese curd, all covered in brown gravy. Poutine is so popular in Quebec that it can be found at global chains like McDonald’s and Burger King.
• Belgium- The home of the “French” fry. Despite its name, the French fry is commonly thought to have originated in Belgium sometime in the 17th or 18th century. As the originators of fries, Belgians have many traditional toppings for their national snack. Some toppings include fried pork, minced meat and various sausages. Additionally, the practice of putting mayonnaise on French fries (a popular combination just about everywhere but the US) likely originated in Belgium.
• Spain- Patatas bravas: Instead of being cut into strips, the potatoes used in these Spanish fries are simply cut in half before being fried. They are popularly served with fried fish, baked chicken, or in a spicy omelet.

What is your favorite French fry topping?