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Kitchen Safety Tips

checking-tempWith sharp objects, boiling liquids and hot surfaces, kitchens can be extremely dangerous places.   It’s smart to train employees, (and provide refresher courses), to prevent accidents before they occur.  Unfortunately, accidents will occur and your worker’s compensation and liability insurance will help protect you when they do.

To help you maintain a safer restaurant/bar, Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has compiled a short list of safety tips.

  • Burns: Burns are the most common kitchen accident, and can be some of the most painful and damaging injuries. To help prevent serious burns at your establishment:
    • Never pour water into hot oil. The reaction of the liquids can cause the oil to bubble out of the pot, causing serious burns. In the same vein, never place partially frozen food in hot oil.
    • Never leave hot oil unattended. Oil can easily spill out of pots, creating a large and dangerous mess.
  • Knives: Knife injuries can be extremely common in restaurant kitchens/bars.
    • Always clean knives before and after use. This can reduce the risk of infection if one of your employees is cut.
    • Never catch a falling knife or throw a knife to another kitchen employee. This might seem like a no-brainer, but even seasoned kitchen staff can make these careless mistakes.
    • Always cut away from yourself to ensure that you do not accidentally cut/stab yourself after a particularly vigorous slice.
    • Keep fingers away from knives.  Teach your staff the proper way to cut and techniques that keep fingers away from the blade.
  • Falls: Kitchens can be crowded, cluttered places. To help prevent trips and falls, be sure to:
    • Keep floors clean.  Your kitchen will inevitably have liquid and food spillage on the floor during busy hours. Have a regular cleaning schedule but also clean spills as soon as they occur.
    • Always use clean mops. Dirty, used mops can have residue from a previous clean-up that adheres to the floor and causes slips and falls.
  • Keep first aid kits and emergency phone numbers in visible, easily accessible areas.  Quick treatment can help minimize the severity and long term effects of an injury.

Call Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers if you have any questions or need assistance.  We can be reached at 310-828-9662.