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Ice and Broken Glass Don’t Mix

ice cubesIn the fast-paced and often turbulent world of restaurant management, the last thing you need is a liability lawsuit. A common lawsuit affecting restaurants is liability for injuries caused by broken glass in drinks and food. While you can take all the precautions to clean up broken glass, have you ever seen glass shards next to chipped ice? They are nearly identical!

 Below are a few tips that Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has compiled to reduce your risk of a glass-related injury in your restaurant.

  •  NEVER use glasses as ice scoopers- In a fast-paced restaurant or bar, it might be more efficient to use glasses to scoop ice out of your freezers. However, did you know that this practice could make you susceptible to liability suits? Glasses can surreptitiously chip in the metal ice containers, sending small shards of glass into the ice.
  • Melt contaminated ice- If a glass does shatter in close proximity to ice, immediately melt the ice and clean the container. Melting the ice will help you locate and pick out the glass particles in the container.
  • Replace glassware regularly- Glasses can get chipped or broken over time, increasing the likelihood of a customer cutting himself/herself or of glass falling into a drink. Encourage your workers to inspect all glassware regularly and replace any glasses that look worn or damaged.

 If you do have an accident occur and a liability suit is brought against your restaurant, you want to be sure that you have the right insurance policy. Contact our knowledgeable brokers at TMIB at 310-828-9662 for more information.