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How to throw a fun and safe office holiday party

holiday party 1Everybody loves a fun holiday office party. After a year of hard work, it’s a time to celebrate with your fellow employees.

To help make sure the party is a happy event that celebrates a good year, there are some things to watch out for – “Crain’s Cleveland Business” put together a list of some of the top to think about.

• Host the party offsite, employ professional servers and direct them not to serve alcohol to intoxicated guests. Designate a particular person to whom they can report intoxicated guests.

• Check all pertinent insurance policies. Despite the best of intentions, lawsuits still happen. Make sure you have taken the appropriate action to ensure you are covered in a worst-case situation.

• Make attendance optional. No one should feel forced to attend the party or participate in certain festivities that may conflict with their individual beliefs.

For a longer list of Do’s and Don’ts be sure to read the entire article “Beware of Pouring Another Cup of Cheer at Holiday Parties”


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