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How Should I Plan and Conduct Maintenance on My Restaurant or Bar?

Restaurant MaintenanceAs the owner of a restaurant or bar, you will obviously want to avoid any unnecessary closures for renovations or maintenance. While some refurbishing and maintenance is unavoidable, long closures can reduce your profits, drive customers away and hurt your brand name.  It is much easier and less costly to engage in frequent planned maintenance than to temporarily close your business when something goes wrong. Furthermore, frequent, preventative maintenance can reduce the number of insurance claims you make, thereby lowering your premiums.

Below, Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has outlined the three types of standard maintenance that you should consider for your restaurant or bar.

  • Scheduled Commercial Property Maintenance:

This type of maintenance covers all repairs that need to be made to regularly to update features of your restaurant or bar. For example, you might need to give your restaurant a fresh coat of paint every year, or routinely check the hose on your gas stove for wear-and-tear. This is the most basic property maintenance that all restaurants and bars should conduct.

  • Commercial Property Preventative Maintenance:

This type of maintenance is what will really save you money in the long run. These repairs and inspections can prevent future problems. For example, you might want to have periodic checks of your kitchen exhaust systems to make sure they are clear of build-up that could cause a future fire and check the plumbing system to inspect for blockages that could cause flooding in the future.

  • Emergency and Disaster Preparedness:

This type of maintenance will help protect your business from small emergencies and major natural disasters. For example, always maintain and check smoke detectors and fire extinguishers to ensure they will function in the event of a fire.  Be sure to speak with your broker at TMIB to determine how you can insure your business for damage caused by an earthquake or other disaster.

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