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California Strawberry Day, March 21st

strawberries webHappy California Strawberry Day! Today, Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers pays homage to the nearly 400 independent farms that grow these delicious fruits across the state. As well as making for a tasty snack, strawberries are big business, raking in around $2.3 billion annually! To learn more about this great California fruit, check out the facts below! 

  • California produces more strawberries than any other state. In 2011, California growers harvested more than 2.1 billion pounds of strawberries, accounting for 88% of the US’s total strawberry growth. Additionally, that year California strawberry harvests totaled over 20% of the international harvest, making California the top strawberry-producing region in the world.
  • Strawberries are the 6th most profitable agricultural commodity in California, after milk, grapes, almonds, nursery plants and cattle.
  • California strawberries are enjoyed outside of the US. Around 25% of California strawberries are frozen and shipped as far abroad as Japan and Hong Kong. 

To learn more about California strawberries, check out the California Strawberry Commission website: