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Bathroom Cleanliness Affects Your Business

cracked toiletWe’ve all been there: you find a cozy little restaurant tucked off the beaten path, with delicious food, kind staff and great prices. You are ready to make this your new favorite spot… and then you go to the restroom. Toilet paper all over the floor, urine stains on the toilet seat and graffiti everywhere. Your new favorite dining establishment now looks like a truck stop bathroom.

The appearance of a restaurant’s bathroom can greatly affect customers’ opinions of the establishment as a whole. Letting your restaurant’s bathroom fall into disarray could greatly affect the likelihood that customers will come back. One way to reduce bathroom nastiness is to create a schedule for bathroom maintenance for your employees. Each employee should be responsible for a different duty, or for cleaning the bathroom at a particular time. Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has compiled the following list for bathroom maintenance:

  • Toilet Paper/Paper Towels: A lack of toilet paper in your bathroom can be a disaster for your customers. Always make sure that toilet paper and paper towels are well stocked. An employee should check every hour to ensure your customers’ comfort while using the restroom.
  • Toilet seats: No customer should have to attempt a “hover” because your toilet seats are filthy. Ensure that an employee regularly checks your bathroom to clean up toilet seat messes.
  • Litter: Poorly maintained bathrooms always have paper and less-mentionable items strewn across the floor. An employee should check every few hours to be sure that your floor is clean. This also means emptying trash cans, (because inconsiderate customers might just throw paper on the ground), if the bin is full.
  • Graffiti: There is no better way to look like a trashy establishment than to have graffiti covering your walls/mirrors/toilet seats. This is a trickier mess to clean up, and one that many restaurants don’t bother dealing with. As annoying as it may be, you should absolutely clean up graffiti in your bathroom. This could mean painting over it, or using a paint thinner (like acetone) to remove it. In either case, returning customers will more than make up for the labor and cost of removing graffiti.

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