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8 Tips for Appropriate Phone Order Etiquette

phone order1For many fast-food restaurants (and restaurants that take reservations) the proper handling of calls is incredibly important. However, it is common in the restaurant industry to find employees who don’t treat customers on the phone with the same courtesy they would treat them face-to-face. Discourteous phone etiquette can hurt your business’s image and drive away customers.

In order to help you and your employees improve phone etiquette, Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has compiled the following list of “Dos and Don’ts” for taking phone orders.

• DO- Make sure that employees state the name of the restaurant clearly when they answer the phone followed by “how may I help you?”
• DO-Make sure your employees know your menu thoroughly. Customers will frequently ask about preparation and ingredients.
• DO- Make sure your employees know how to handle special requests, such as order changes, substitutions, etc.
• DO- Make sure they read the order back to the customer and confirm the customer’s name and telephone number (and delivery address if appropriate)
• DO- Always say “thank you” at the end of the phone call.
• DON’T- Leave customers on the line too long! Make sure the employee tasked with answering the phone is not overly distracted by other duties.
• DON’T – Ever put someone on hold until you have received their response to “would you please hold?”
• DON’T- Let employees who have not yet completed their training take phone calls/orders. Make sure that all employees understand your policies, menu specifics and basic phone etiquette before putting them on the line with customers.

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