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National Coffee Day

coffee with beans - Butter CoffeeIt might not be the biggest holiday of the year, but for many of us, National Coffee Day is important considering how much coffee we drink on a daily basis. So what is better than a hot cup of morning joe? How about a free cup? On September 29th, a few of your favorite coffee chains are offering great deals to celebrate:

– Dunkin Donuts: Customers can get a free medium cup of Dunkin’ Donuts hot or iced dark roast coffee (limit one per person).

– Peet’s Coffee: Free small cup of Peet’s Major Dickason Blend with a purchase of any baked good, oatmeal, or other food item.

– Krispy Kreme: Customers get a free small coffee and a free original glazed donut.

– Coffee Bean: All sizes of iced coffee, flavored iced coffee, and iced Americanos are half off all day.

To see a list of places offering National Coffee Day deals visit “Consumerist” (


The Best Breakfast Places in America

Breakfast Congratulations to John O’Groats, a Tegner-Miller client, that was named in’s recent list of “The Best Breakfast Places in America”

John O’Groats is located at 10512 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles.  Be sure to check out their menu at (they serve lunch too!).

12 Foods Doctors Won’t Eat and Why

bacon on plateDoctors always know best! Right? Well, sometimes. While they don’t always follow their own advice, there are certain foods that doctors will do their best to avoid – even if they are really delicious.

What could be wrong with eggs and toast with a side of bacon? A lot apparently. Bacon is full of fat and cholesterol and might be one of the worst overall foods for you since it adds no nutritional value. Even foods that you think are beneficial for you sometimes can be misleading. Diet soda, which advertises zero calories, contains artificial sugars that can have multiple side effects that include headaches, dizziness, mood changes, and are even suspected of causing some cancers.

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