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Cyber Liability – Why restaurants and bars need this coverage

Cybery Liability InsuranceAs the owner of a restaurant or bar, you probably use the Internet for many of your transactions. From purchases to customer databases to employee information, even the smallest “Mom and Pop” operation is increasingly using technology to make business easier and more efficient. However, these new technologies can also bring unexpected liability. A skilled hacker can gain access to company databases, stealing customer profiles, credit card information, employee social security numbers and other sensitive information. In 2011, members of a hacking collective gained access to and released the names and credit card information of 1,000s of customers of a popular security publication. The publication was found liable for the breach and forced to pay a settlement to each of the customers, costing the company millions of dollars.

Unfortunately, most general liability policies exclude all Internet-related liability claims. To protect your business from these types of claims, we encourage you to speak to your broker at Tegner-Miller Insurance about cyber liability insurance.

Below, TMIB has outlined a few of the reasons why cyber liability insurance is essential for restaurant and bar owners.

  • Business Interruption: Many cyber liability policies will cover business interruption as well as liability claims that result from a covered cyber incident. If you are unable to process transactions because your company credit card database has been breached, your policy can help cover your lost income.
  • Risk Management: Many small companies lack risk management plans when it comes to cyber security. When you purchase your cyber liability policy, your insurer may work with you to help make your databases more secure.
  • Non-hosting websites can still be liable: Even if you have secure technology practices, your company might not be exempt from cyber liability claims. If your website or data is hosted or stored in a cloud, your company could still be held liable if the cloud’s security is breached.

Please call us at 310-828-9662 to discuss your cyber liability insurance needs. You may also want to visit for more information.

National Potato Month

Fries-potatoesHappy National Potato Month! While the humble potato is an unlikely hero in global history, this tuber has had an extremely important impact on the history of mankind. Below are a few fun facts about the potato so that you might better appreciate this amazing food.

  • The potato is originally from the Central Andes, where it grew wild at high altitudes in the mountains of Peru and Bolivia.  It was first cultivated around 8000-5000 BC, and quickly became the staple crop of some of the greatest empires in human history, including the Inca.
  • There are over 5,000 species of potato, with 3,000 alone growing in the Peruvian, Ecuadorian and Bolivian Andes. Perhaps the strangest potato preparation is the “chuño”, which is a freeze-dried potato that is edible years after it has been dried.
  • While potatoes today are the antithesis of exciting or exotic food, they were the subject of much curiosity after they were introduced in Europe. In fact, many peasants rejected the crop out right when it was first brought back from the Americas. To promote the potato, Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, wore a headdress made of potato flowers to a royal ball.
  • The potato helped Russia become a major European power when many landowners and peasants switched to potato cultivation in the mid-19th century. The hardier, higher calorie potato reduced starvation in Eastern Europe and improved Russia’s workforce. Meanwhile, in Western Europe, the potato was a major factor in the burgeoning Industrial Revolution. Due to its hardiness, low cost and high calorie content, the potato allowed for longer work hours for factory workers.
  • In the mid-1800s, Ireland faced a massive potato shortage, which left more than a third of the Irish population without their primary food source. Millions of desperate Irish fled Ireland, arriving in the US and Canada. By 1850, Irish immigrants made up more than 25% of the populations of Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

TMIB Principal Dave Nelson’s favorite potato product is the tater-tot. What is yours?

September 11
A Day of Remembrance and Reflection


Employee Training

employee-trainingWhile Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers advises all restaurants and bars to maintain a comprehensive set of complementary insurance policies, we stress that preventing claims in the first place is extremely important. Typically, the fewer insurance claims your business files, the lower your premiums.  More importantly, maintaining a safe, clean and welcoming restaurant environment will keep your employees and customers safe, improve your brand and can improve your reputation in the community.

The first and most important step to reducing claims is properly training your employees. From fires to undercooked food to harassment, many restaurant pitfalls can be avoided by properly training your staff. Below, TMIB has compiled a few tips for training your employees:

  1. Always properly train employees before they begin working. While your employees will doubtlessly learn new skills on the job, they should be aware of the basics (safety, hygiene, customer interactions) on their first day of work.  Safety should always be the first step of any training program and workers should know how to safely prepare and serve food and use all kitchen appliances before performing any job duties.
  2. Once an employee has learned the basics, you can appoint a senior employee to “mentor” him/her.
  3. Create a consistent training program. All employees should be trained in the same skills and with the same program to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  4. Update your training program when new technologies or techniques become available.
  5. Review – It is a good idea to have periodic ‘refresher’ training sessions with your staff to remind them of proper techniques and policies.

These are just a few items to consider especially when hiring new staff.  If you need assistance with a training program, please speak to your broker at TMIB.  We can be reached at (310) 828-9662.  You can find additional information about TMIB and our other insurance products at