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Pet Friendly LA Restaurants

Dogs may be man’s (or woman’s) best friend, but that friendship usually has to take a break when dining out. Luckily, numerous Los Angeles restaurants have started to allow entrance to our four legged friends. Which is great for Fido because he was getting a little tired of eating the same food anyway!

“Eveleigh” in West Hollywood allows you to bring your dog and offers a mix of treats and provides bowls for water to keep Fido hydrated during the hot summer months. If you are looking for a little more, “The Morrison” in Los Feliz has its own dog menu that includes chopped up hamburger and rice, chicken and rice, or even hot dogs and rice and if your dog wants some dessert, they even offer milk bones.

For a list of dog-friendly restaurants in the LA area, read the LA Times article “ ‘Table for two. One of us will sit on the floor’. Pet-Friendly LA Restaurants” ( and for any questions regarding home insurance contact TMIB at 310-828-9662.