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National Taco Day

Taco websiteNothing hits the spot quite like a plate of delicious tacos. From humble beginnings as a quick food on the go in pre-Columbian Mexico, the taco has become a favorite food across North America and beyond.

 October 4th is National Taco Day, so Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers would like to pay homage to this delicious food.  Below are a few facts about the taco, and suggestions on how to best enjoy National Taco Day.

  •  While the mestizos of Mexico are generally credited with perfecting the modern taco, evidence points to taco consumption by the indigenous people of central Mexico prior to colonization. These early tacos might have also been the first fish tacos, as they were reportedly filled with small lake fish.
  • The name “taco” comes from a Spanish word meaning “plug or wadding.” According to the Smithsonian, this name likely comes from the Mexican silver miners who first created the modern taco. The little rolls of black powder that were used to blast open rock were referred to as “tacos”, leading to the popular name for similar looking little rolls of meat and vegetables.
  • One of the first references to the taco in the United States was in Los Angeles in 1905. The tacos were associated with tamale pushcarts, which served the growing Mexican immigrant population in Los Angeles.
  • To celebrate the taco, why not try a new taco flavor or variation?  Below are some great taco variations that you may not have tried before:
    • Tacos de Lengua: Tacos made from beef tongue are widely available at traditional Mexican restaurants and taco trucks. While tongue meat might sound exotic or even gross, if prepared well it is extremely flavorful and tender, much like a beef brisket.
    • Tacos de Cabeza: “Head tacos” are another strange but delicious Mexican food. The muscles from the cow head are slow-cooked for several hours until they are tender and moist.
    • Navajo Tacos: These are similar to the standard taco, but are served on frybread instead of in a taco shell or tortilla. These tacos are widely served by the Navajo and other southwestern Native American groups.

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