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National Irish Coffee Day is January 25th

irish coffee websiteHappy Irish Coffee Day! Irish coffee is a delicious cocktail mixed from coffee, whiskey, sugar and cream. While Irish coffee is undoubtedly the most famous coffee liqueur cocktail, it is not the oldest. Coffee cocktails were widely served in Central Europe in the mid 19th century. The famous Irish coffee was first conceived in the late 1940s at an airport in Ireland. On a particularly cold winter night, the head chef at the airport poured some whiskey into passengers’ coffees to warm them up. When asked what kind of coffee it was, the chef drolly answered that the alcoholic concoction was “Irish Coffee”, and a cocktail legend was born.

 Los Angeles is the home of one of the establishment credited with bringing Irish coffee to America. Tom Bergin’s Tavern on Fairfax Avenue has billed itself as the “House of Irish Coffee” since the 1950s. Unfortunately, the owners of Tom Bergin’s closed the restaurant last summer. However, it has recently reopened under new management. Why not have an Irish coffee at one of the places that invented the drink?

 As always, Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers encourages all of its clients to drink responsibly.