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National Hamburger Day – May 28th

Hamburger DayWith summer around the corner, Angelenos prepare for warmer, longer days and barbeques. Want to spice up your hamburgers this summer? There are hundreds of regional burger recipes from across the US, each with a special history and a unique taste and texture. Below are four of the most heralded regional burger recipes, compiled by Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers.

1. The Guberburger: One of the strangest and most unique regional burgers is the so-called “guberburger” from Sedalia, Missouri. This concoction calls for an ordinary burger topped with a dollop of peanut butter and some miracle whip.
2. The Pastrami Burger: While first produced in Salt Lake City, this burger has caught on nationally, and with good reason. This burger incorporates a normal burger patty with delicious, high-quality deli pastrami.
3. The Butterburger: This delicious (if less-than-healthy) burger hails from the state of Wisconsin, where dairy is king. To make your own butterburger, slather your uncooked patty in butter, grill it, and then add more butter. Enjoy these heart attack-on-a-bun responsibly!
4. The Garbage Burger: The garbage burger originated somewhere in the Southeast, where a cook decided to cover a perfectly good burger with everything he could find in the kitchen. You can make your very own burger by adding any topping of your choice. Ice cream, potato chips, apples; who knows, you could create the next great regional hamburger!

TMIB hopes you enjoy National Hamburger Day!