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National Chocolate Covered Everything Day

chocolate flowingHow can you make strawberries, waffle chunks and marshmallows any more delicious? By dipping them in chocolate of course! December 16 is National Chocolate Covered Everything Day, a day to indulge our sweet tooth desire to dip everything in our pantry in chocolate syrup. Below, Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has a few suggestions for bizarre new concoctions to try on National Chocolate Covered Everything Day.

 Jalapenos- While this might seem like a strange mix, mixing hot peppers with cocoa flavor has been around for thousands of years. Central American civilizations, including the Aztec Empire, made a spicy chocolate beverage with ground peppers and cocoa beans. Try chocolate-dipped peppers for a fiery but sweet delight.

  1. Onions- While it might seem like the most horrifying and wrong mix imaginable, chocolate-covered onions are a common sight in offbeat Philadelphia candy shops. Simply dip a whole white onion in chocolate, as you would a strawberry. The bitterness of the onion and sweetness of the chocolate mix for a flavor that is completely unique.
  2. Insects- Chocolate-covered bugs??? Yup. Crickets, grasshoppers and mealworms coated in chocolate are commonly found in candy shops across the country. These might actually be the least strange tasting food on this list. The chocolate flavor covers up the faint insect flavor, meaning these treats taste just like a crunchy chocolate-covered potato chip. Don’t believe us? Head out to your local candy store and pick up a box of chocolate-covered crickets!

 We at TMIB hope that you have a sweet day!