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Exterior Upkeep- How to Attract More Customers to Your Restaurant

Exterior UpkeepFrom dirty windows to leaf strewn patios, from bags of trash to burned out neon lights, nothing brings a restaurant down like an poorly maintained exterior. Even if you serve fantastic food, a new restaurant cannot survive based on word of mouth alone. With a dirty or poorly maintained exterior, you are less likely to bring in new customers.

Below is a list of Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers’ tips for improving the aesthetics of your restaurant’s exterior: 

  • Replace broken/burned out lights and signs- Broken neon signs and burned out light bulbs are some of the most common restaurant eyesores. Even though replacing these broken lights is costly and requires manpower, think about how many more customers you will bring in if your restaurant looks well kept.
  • Garbage cans- Never leave trash bins in the front of your restaurant. You want your customers to experience your food freshly prepared on the plate, not festering in a trashcan on the sidewalk. Try to have your trash picked up from back alleyways.
  • Front patios- Be sure to sweep all leaves and garbage out of patios at least twice a day. With fall on the way, your patio will be filled with dead leaves over the next few months. Clean up those dead leaves to keep your outside patios respectable looking and inviting.

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