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Employee Training

employee-trainingWhile Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers advises all restaurants and bars to maintain a comprehensive set of complementary insurance policies, we stress that preventing claims in the first place is extremely important. Typically, the fewer insurance claims your business files, the lower your premiums.  More importantly, maintaining a safe, clean and welcoming restaurant environment will keep your employees and customers safe, improve your brand and can improve your reputation in the community.

The first and most important step to reducing claims is properly training your employees. From fires to undercooked food to harassment, many restaurant pitfalls can be avoided by properly training your staff. Below, TMIB has compiled a few tips for training your employees:

  1. Always properly train employees before they begin working. While your employees will doubtlessly learn new skills on the job, they should be aware of the basics (safety, hygiene, customer interactions) on their first day of work.  Safety should always be the first step of any training program and workers should know how to safely prepare and serve food and use all kitchen appliances before performing any job duties.
  2. Once an employee has learned the basics, you can appoint a senior employee to “mentor” him/her.
  3. Create a consistent training program. All employees should be trained in the same skills and with the same program to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  4. Update your training program when new technologies or techniques become available.
  5. Review – It is a good idea to have periodic ‘refresher’ training sessions with your staff to remind them of proper techniques and policies.

These are just a few items to consider especially when hiring new staff.  If you need assistance with a training program, please speak to your broker at TMIB.  We can be reached at (310) 828-9662.  You can find additional information about TMIB and our other insurance products at