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3 Ways To Help Reduce Staff Turnover At Your Restaurant

employee training websiteAccording to the US Department of Labor, the accommodation and food services industry has the highest rate of staff turnover of any industry in the US. Whether it is someone going back to school after a summer job bussing tables or an employee moving on to a higher paying job, you will likely have many employees cycling through your restaurant. However, there are ways to reduce the turnover. Having consistent employees will improve your restaurant’s safety, efficiency and brand recognition. Below, Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has listed 3 ways you can help reduce your staff turnover. 

  1. Offer raises/provide competitive wages: According to the US Department of Labor, approximately 1/3 of all employees who voluntarily leave a position do so for a better-paying job. Always make sure that you are offering competitive wages to your employees, based on industry standards. If an employee has been working for your restaurant for a while and has distinguished himself or herself, consider offering them a raise.
  2. Foster communication: Another common problem in restaurants is lack of communication between management and staff. This communication breakdown can lead to a lack of trust and understanding between you and your staff. You can improve communication in several ways. First, you can try to interact with each of your employees on a daily basis. Even a simple “hello” can make your employees feel more comfortable. Also, you can schedule regular staff meetings not only to improve communication but also improve the operations of your establishment.
  3. Properly train employees: It is important to train all employees from day one. Well-trained employees will feel more comfortable at your restaurant and be less likely to leave.

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