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Butter Coffee Comes to Santa Monica

Butter CoffeeIn January, we discussed the new craze of “Butter Coffee”, the combination of coffee and butter that gives your morning a zing and energy throughout the day. Well the craze has continued and Bulletproof, a coffeehouse/cafe is coming to Santa Monica.  They plan to open their first location at 3110 Main St. at the end of April.

To learn more about Bulletproof Coffee and the many offerings of the store, read the LA Time’s full article ( and for any insurance questions, be sure to contact TMIB at 310-828-9662.

“The Pop-Tart/Donut Hybrid has arrived”

It was only a matter of time before someone married our breakfast favorites: the donut and the Pop-Tart. The good people at “Donut Bar” have created the “Big Poppa-Tart” which is exactly what you think it would be in your dreams. The treat is best described as “a gigantic donut stuffed with a crushed strawberry Pop-Tart and house made strawberry jam, topped with marshmallow glaze”. Not too shabby. So how much will this heavenly combo cost? 4 bucks. Gettem’ while they’re hot!

To get your mouth watering with some delicious photos, visit the Thrillist ( and for all your insurance queries contact TMIB.


The Best Vegetarian Options at 17 Fast-Food Chains

Vegetarian Nachos Vegetarians know it can be tough to find something to eat in a pinch. We all get caught up in our day-to-day schedule and before we realize it’s lunch time. Luckily most of the fast food locations we all know and love have a vegetarian option available.

For the full list of fast food vegetarian options visit Thrillist and their article “The Best Vegetarian Options at 17 Fast-Food Chains” ( and for any insurance questions, TMIB at 310-828-9662.


9 Delightfully Silly Easter Egg Ideas

easter eggs w ribbon With Easter around the corner, you may be looking to add a new look to the old tradition of Easter egg decorating. Luckily, not only has MSN created a list of 9 fun ideas, but they have also included links to video tutorials to walk you through the entire process.

Want to create a “mob of minions”, “lego faced eggs”, or even update the traditional bunny and chick with some extra festive zest? They have it all covered!

Check out MSN’s “9 Delightfully Silly Easter Egg Ideas” ( ) and for any questions about your insurance, please contact TMIB at 310-828-9662.