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“Best Los Angeles Restaurants on Christmas Eve”

Christmas Dinner turkeyAfter holiday shopping and countless hours of preparation, sometimes planning a big feast on Christmas Eve can be too much. Luckily a few hot spots in Los Angeles are ready to host you on Christmas Eve. Not only are they open, but they are decorated with holiday cheer and ready to be part of your Christmas celebration. From Blue Plate Oysterette to Valentino there is something available for any family or group of friends spending Christmas in Los Angeles.

For a list of restaurants open on Christmas Eve, visit the LA Times “Your 2014 Christmas Eve Restaurant Dining Guide” by clicking on the link below.

2014 Christmas Eve Restaurant Dining Guide

TMIB wishes you a wonderful holiday season!

How to throw a fun and safe office holiday party

holiday party 1Everybody loves a fun holiday office party. After a year of hard work, it’s a time to celebrate with your fellow employees.

To help make sure the party is a happy event that celebrates a good year, there are some things to watch out for – “Crain’s Cleveland Business” put together a list of some of the top to think about.

• Host the party offsite, employ professional servers and direct them not to serve alcohol to intoxicated guests. Designate a particular person to whom they can report intoxicated guests.

• Check all pertinent insurance policies. Despite the best of intentions, lawsuits still happen. Make sure you have taken the appropriate action to ensure you are covered in a worst-case situation.

• Make attendance optional. No one should feel forced to attend the party or participate in certain festivities that may conflict with their individual beliefs.

For a longer list of Do’s and Don’ts be sure to read the entire article “Beware of Pouring Another Cup of Cheer at Holiday Parties”


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First Aid in Your Bar or Restaurant

Restaurant First AidFirst aid supplies and knowledge of first aid techniques are necessities in any bar or restaurant. With sharp knives, hot stoves and other unpredictably dangerous tools, kitchens can be very hazardous places.

To help make your restaurant as safe as possible, you will need to institute various safety measures, ranging from requiring employees to wear appropriate footwear to properly training your employees to avoid dangerous practices.

While preventative techniques are essential for improving safety in your restaurant, accidents will happen in even the safest of kitchens. That is why it is extremely important for your bar or restaurant to maintain a fully stocked first aid kit, and for your employees to understand basic first aid techniques. Below are some tips for stocking your restaurant’s first aid kit.

1. Follow OSHA guidelines. The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates that every restaurant stock its first aid kit with certain first aid items. You can learn more about OSHA’s requirements by clicking here.
2. Be sure to replenish your first aid kit regularly. Some items are used more frequently to treat the most common kitchen injuries, including burns, cuts and abrasions. Keep an inventory of items in your first aid kit, and immediately replace items that are used.
3. Train all employees. Your first aid kit will do little good if your employees don’t know basic first aid. You should train all employees in first aid practices. Often, it is best to bring in a licensed training company to provide this service. You should also make sure employees are trained in safe kitchen procedures.

If you have any questions regarding restaurant first aid, please contact your broker at Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers at (310) 828-9662.